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Estonian retailers oppose further limitations imposed on tobacco sales and consumption

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 08.08.2012.Print version
The Estonian Association of Retailers finds that instead of opposing new tobacco bans and limitations, the State ought to increase the efficiency of supervision of existing standards and pay more attention on limiting the illegal tobacco market, writes LETA/Postimees Online.

Managing director of the Estonian Association of Retailers Marika Merilai commented the proposals presented by the working group convened by the Ministry of Social Affairs for developing the tobacco policy and stated that it is difficult to find good solutions as it would need to protect public health, decrease illegal trade while bring more tax revenue to the State.


“We are certain that mere overregulation, bans and limitations would not yield good results; there is need for comprehensive solutions,” she added.


When speaking about the proposal to ban displays of tobacco products and their advertising in stores, Merilai estimated that pushing legal cigarettes under the counters would prompt an increase in the illegal goods market. “This is all the more true because illegal trade is not criticised in modern societies; according to a poll by the Institute of Economic Research, only 66 per cent of consumers prefer buying legal cigarettes,” she explained. Merilai added that illegal trade is also facilitated by the price difference in cigarettes.


The national tobacco policy concept, or the so-called green paper, will be drafted before the end of September by the abovementioned working group. After formulating the proposals by the working group, the Government will discuss the draft and then the Ministry of Social Affairs will undertake to compile relevant legislative proposals.


Reviewing the tobacco policy was foreseen in the Government Action Plan.

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