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Latvian javelin thrower Vasilevskis puts Olympic silver medal up for sale

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 05.07.2012.Print version
A surprising ad has been put up on the popular Latvian classified advertising web-site, where it seems that Latvian javelin thrower Vadims Vasilevskis has put up his 2004 Olympic silver medal for sale.

The person who posted the ad wishes to sell the medal for LVL 91,365.


LETA has attempted to call the number listed in the ad, but without any success. A reply has also not yet been received from the email listed in the ad.


The athlete's coach Valentina Eiduka told LETA that the ad might not be a fake, but that she has not been able to contact Vasilevskis, who is participating in a competition in Paris at the moment.


"He has not answered me, but the ad might not be a fake, because that is the approximate sum he owns for his apartment," Eiduka told LETA.


Eiduka said that Vasilevskis makes approximately LVL 500 per week. "People need to eat, pay their bills, and it looks like this is not enough to live on."


LETA has confirmed that the number in the ad used to be Vasilevskis' mobile phone number.


According to LETA archives, Vasilevskis won the medal on August 28, 2004 at the Athens Olympics, when he was able to throw his javelin 84.95 meters.

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