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Organization opposing Danish pig farms to be established in Latvia’s Bauska

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 08.03.2012.Print version
Saturday, March 10 a new non-governmental organization will be established in Bauska to oppose the entry of foreign, especially Danish businessmen into Latvia's hog breeding business, the pending organization's representative Ilga Sokolova told the business portal.

"The business of large pig farms has become an especially big problem over the past few years with major foreign hog breeders trying to move their business to Latvia and Lithuania, causing negative impact on the environment, worsening the ecological situation, living conditions and posing health threat to residents. For these reasons, the more active residents of Bauska and the vicinity have suggested that a non-governmental organization be established to oppose the impunity of the major hog breeders in Latvia," said Sokolova.


Farm "Bites" owner and the initiator of the new organization, Inese Bartusevica said that the large pig farms "are doing notable damage to nature and the people of Latvia, and their contribution is incomparably smaller, therefore we have to actively oppose them."


A resolution will be passed at the founding meeting for the new organization, which will be sent to the Agriculture Ministry and the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, writes LETA.


The draft resolution stipulates that construction of pig farms with more than 3,000 pigs and 1,000 piglets be not permitted in Latvia, that local residents be informed about the plans for building new pig farms, and they not be permitted without water and air treatment facilities.


The organization's founding meeting will take place in Bauska on Saturday at 1 p.m.

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