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Guntis Ulmanis becomes chairman of For a Good Latvia alliance

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 13.06.2010.Print version
The alliance For a Good Latvia, which includes the People's Party and Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way (LPP/LC), was officially founded yesterday, and former Latvian President Guntis Ulmanis will be its chairman of the board.

In his speech, Ulmanis called for an end to complaining, criticizing and commenting, and for people to put their knowledge, energy, emotions and patriotism to practical use.


The party's board will consist of 14 people, including the chairmen of the parties included in the alliance, as well as several businessmen, informs LETA.


"We have chosen the Irish model, where politicians and businessmen are united in order to ensure the country's development," said Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way leader Ainars Slesers yesterday at a press conference following the founding of the alliance For a Good Latvia, in which he will be a board member.


Slesers indicated that if For a Good Latvia win the 10th Saiema elections this fall, both large and small enterprises will be actively involved in making political decisions.


The LPP/LC leader also promised that no taxes would be set that would slow the development of business, and that on the contrary, the tax system would encourage new investment and the relocation of foreign businesses to Latvia.


It is currently unknown whether the chairman of the board of the new alliance, former Latvian President Guntis Ulmanis, is preparing to run for election or even as the alliance's candidate for prime minister.


However, according to unofficial information in LETA's possession, Ulmanis could well turn out to be the alliance's prime ministerial candidate, with People's Party leader Andris Skele a possible candidate for finance minister, and LPP/LC chief Ainars Slesers pencilled in as economy minister.


Ulmanis told the press conference that the alliance's first board meeting this week will begin the drawing up of an action plan for the coming months, in which one of the most pressing questions will be the matter of a candidate list for this fall's elections.

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