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Number of serious and especially serious crimes on the rise in Latvia

BC, Riga , 01.10.2020.Print version
The number of serious and especially serious crimes committed in Latvia has increased, furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that some residents who have returned to Latvia because of Covid-19 have taken the path of crime, the State Police said LETA.

According to the State Police's report submitted to Saeima Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, 989 especially serious crimes and 5,580 serious crimes were registered in Latvia in January-August last year, while in the same period this year, 1,134 especially serious crimes and 5,998 serious crimes were registered.

State Police Criminal Investigation Department's Chief Armands Ruks explained that these crimes included not only armed robberies or murders, but also other crimes committed by organized groups, for instance, fraud. "That is why these numbers are increasing," he added.

Ruks also said that the Covid-19 pandemic may have had an impact on the crime rate in Latvia. Part of those who left Latvia to find better jobs abroad have returned home, and some of these people have committed crimes in other countries, he explained.

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