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Covid-19 Latvia: Government plans to allow requesting downtime benefits for April in May

BC, Riga, 13.05.2020.Print version
The Cabinet of Ministers plans to change the rules of downtime pay, which it approved a week ago, and to allow requesting downtime benefits for April in May, reported LETA.

According to a decision taken by the government last Thursday, May 7, downtime benefits should be applied for only for the current month and not for the past months. These amendments apply to the regulations on employers affected by the Covid-19 crisis who qualify for downtime benefits.

Now, the Economics Ministry has tabled a proposal to change this rule. 

The Economics Ministry proposes setting May 20 as the deadline by which employers can apply for downtime benefits to be paid to their idled employees for April. 

It has also been proposed to provide downtime benefits to employees who are also involved in economic activity or are doing educational or creative jobs in state or municipal institutions, earning up to EUR 430 per month for this additional work.

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