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Latvian citizen fined for trading Russian military goods

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The Riga Vidzeme District Court on May fined Latvian citizen Pavels Gubskis for illegal trading with Russian military goods, according to the Latvijas Avize daily reported LETA.

Prosecutor Ando Skalbe had pressed charges against Gubskis based on Section 84 of the Criminal Law - for violation of sanctions imposed by international organizations and the Republic of Latvia. Gubskis had ignored the decision of the European Council of 2014 to ban imports, purchase or transportation of weapons, ammunition and their parts and related materials from Russia.

On September 10, 2015, Gubskis in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi on behalf of his company ABN Inter signed an agreement with Vietnamese Defense Ministry’s company Gaet Corporation on supply of military radars and height measurement devices. Later he coordinated supply of these goods with four flights from Budapest and Moscow in 2016.

Gubskis paid USD 2,313,758 for the goods to Informa Technics L.P. company and received USD 2,401,320 for the delivered goods from the Vietnamese company, earning USD 87,561 in profit.

On November 10, 2015, Gubskis signed and agreement with Awec Inc company on purchase of Russian-made parachutes and their systems for USD 821,900. Also these goods were transported to Vietnam, and Tecapro company paid USD 850,044 for them, and Gubskis thus earned USD 28,144.

Gubskis pleaded guilty, but said that he had not breached the law intentionally.

The prosecutor demanded a fine of six minimum wages or EUR 2,580 for Gyubskis and confiscation of EUR 24,640 for ABN Inter. The court imposed the required fines.

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