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Rakvere meatpacking plant has started threatening strikers

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The employer at the Rakvere meatpacking plant with the aim of avoiding a strike has started threatening the employees with firing, being blacklisted or "having their life made difficult" if they participate in the strike, the trade union said, cites LETA/BNS.

The trade union knows the names of those who have allegedly made threats and said that this is a strong violation of the employees' right of association. "By today we have received information that the threatening is first and foremost carried out in other departments, not the slaughter unit, where people already have previous experience concerning a strike. The attempts include influencing employees one by one, but the entire information unavoidably reaches the trustee and trade union immediately," Artjom Arhangelski, organization secretary at the Estonian Trade Union Confederation (EAKL), said, adding that the employer is trying to leave a false impression to the employees as if the planned strike is illegal.

"We emphasize that the strike at the Rakvere meatpacking plant is carried out meticulously following the law," Arhangelski said, adding that from the trade union's side, the issue is being dealt with by Estonia's best and most widely experienced experts and lawyers.

According to the trade union's information, people have been threatened in the central warehouse of the meatpacking plant, in the flavoring unit and the roast production unit. In order to avoid threats, the trade union has suggested that employees record conversations as the activity of the employer is illegal and punishable pursuant to criminal procedure.

The trade union is still asking for hints of the employer's illegal attempts of influencing and suggesting to join the trade union for legal protection.

According to the strike notice sent to AS HKScan Estonia, the employees of the Rakvere meatpacking plant are demanding a rise in the basic wage of the slaughter unit employees by 16 percent from Feb. 1, 2018 and an additional 16 percent increase in basic wage from July 1, 2018. Additionally, the employees are demanding that the calculation of performance wages is not changed. Wage negotiations stalled as the employer did not agree to make any concrete wage offers to the employees.

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