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Estonian companies buying advertising time on PBK describe it as important outlet

BC, Riga/Tallinn, 20.12.2017.Print version
The Estonian companies running their ads on Pervyi Baltiiskyi Kanal (PBK), a Russian-language television channel registered in Latvia that broadcasts mostly content produced in Russia, regard the channel as important in reaching the Russian-speaking audience, Postimees said, cites LETA/BNS.

Raigo Neudorf, chief of media relations at Estonia's biggest telecom business Telia, said that Telia was placing its ads on PBK because this enables them to bring their marketing messages to the Russian-speaking residents of Estonia at a reasonable price.


Neudorf said that in planning its ad placements, Telia based its decisions on the viewer numbers of different channels and the price of advertising.


"Therefore, the selection does not happen primarily on the basis of the owner of the channel or content. What matters is that we can address a specific target group," he said, adding that the share of PBK in total advertising by Telia was very small.


Neudorf also pointed out that they are not buying advertising time directly from PBK, but have a cooperation partner that has concluded an agreement with the international media group BMA, which also includes channels such as NTV Mir, RenTV and more.


Also another major telecom operator in Estonia, Elisa, is buying air time on PBK. "As a private company, we have not been guided in our selection of media channels by the definition of political considerations," spokesperson Marika Raiski said.


The same was said by the chief of communication at retailer Rimi, Katrin Bats. "I believe that most big companies are guided first and foremost by business interests in their purchase of advertising time, and wish to advertise themselves where their customer is most likely to see it," Bats said. She also pointed out that Rimi is working closely with a media agency which has put together for them an optimal selection of Russian media channels, which includes PBK.


The brand new bank, Luminor, the Tallinn city government and the organizing team of the events of the EV100 centenary of the Republic of Estonia have all placed ads on PBK.


Indrek Soom, manager of the media agency Initiative, said that they recommend their customers to buy air time on PBK based on effectiveness indicators drawn from the media audience surveys of Kantar Emor, and hence their recommendations were first and foremost pragmatical.


A week ago, media expert Raul Rebane presented in Postimees a survey by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center examining political broadcasts on the Russian television channels PBK, RTR and NTV in 2014 and in 2017. According to the survey, 83% of the coverage of other countries in those media channels was negative. The ratio of negative coverage of Estonia was 82%.


PBK is the most popular TV channel among the Russian-speaking audience in Estonia. In November it accounted for 15% of total television viewing time of viewers with a first language other than Estonian.

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