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Mobile unit bought by Estonian government in 2013 starts work as stationary slaughterhouse

BC, Tallinn, 05.12.2017.Print version
A mobile slaughter unit bought by the Estonian government in 2013 was on December 1st reopened as a stationary slaughterhouse by the Estonian Sheep Farmers' Association at Nursi in Vouru County, southeastern Estonia, reports LETA/BNS.

The chairman of the Estonian Sheep Farmers' Association, Rainis Ruusamae, told BNS that their association is renting the slaughter unit from the Estonian Farmers' Federation. The investment by the Estonian Sheep Farmers' Association in the project totals 40,000-50,000 euros.


"Everyone from southeastern Estonia can come to us," Ruusamae said.


The slaughter unit that has been standing idle since its acquisition in 2013 has capacity for the slaughter of 40 sheep, 10 bovine animals and 40 goats per day.


The mobile slaughter unit was bought from Finland in 2013 after a study commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture from the Estonian Academy of Life Sciences had found such a unit to be necessary. It has since come out that the slaughter unit is not economically feasible operating as a mobile unit.

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