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Rigas Mezi forest manager expects sales to reach EUR 17-18 mln in 2017

BC, Riga, 01.12.2017.Print version
Rigas Mezi municipal forest manager expects that turnover this year might reach EUR 17-18 million, the company’s board member Edgars Vaikulis said, cites LETA.

He noted that the company’s turnover has grown fourfold in dive years to EUR 14.95 million last year, and might reach EUR 17-18 million this year.

He said that positive results were ensured by the company’s strategy to make best use of the Riga municipal forest resources and produce products with higher added value.

The sawmill Norupe, established in 2013, has reached or even exceeded its maximum capacity.

In 2016 Rigas Mezi generated EUR 14.95 million in sales and earned EUR 227,704 in profit, according to business database.

The company was registered in 2008 and has a share capital of EUR 115,156,021.

Rigas Mezi manages 62,000 hectares of forests and is the second largest forest manager in the country after Latvijas Valsts Mezi state forest manager. The company owns tree nurseries, Norupe sawmill and also manages Mezaparks and other Riga parks and gardens.

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