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Salaries for most healthcare employees in Latvia to increase 7% in 2015

BC, Riga, 14.12.2015.Print version
Salaries for most healthcare employees in Latvia could increase 7% on the average, while wages for part of nurses will rise as much as 10% in 2016, Health Minister Guntis Belevics and Valdis Keris, head of the Latvian Health and Social Care Workers' Trade Union, told LETA today.

This has become possible thanks to an extra EUR 10 million that the government has allotted this year for increasing healthcare workers' wages in 2016. At a meeting today, representatives from the Health Ministry and the Health and Social Care Workers' Union agreed on how the funding would be distributed.


On the average, salaries of healthcare employees will increase 7% next year, Keris told LETA.


For one part of nurses, wages will even increase 9% to 10%. On the other hand, salaries will increase less for those employees who already receive comparatively high salaries, as will wages for unskilled workers - their wages will increase regardless thanks to a higher minimum income.


According to Belevics, healthcare employees will start to receive higher salaries already from next February.

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