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Sudraba's For Latvia from the Heart becomes political party

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A new political party, For Latvia from the Heart was officially established on May 5th; former Auditor General Inguna Sudraba was elected chairwoman of the party, informs LETA.

A total of 247 persons participated in the party's founding meeting, who unanimously voted for the establishment of the new political party.


Addressing the congress, Sudragba said that there were many obstacles that had to be overcome for the establishment of the new party. She criticized the current government, saying: "I have a feeling that the government lives on one planet and society on another. People no longer trust public institutions, their ability to do quality work," she said. The main objective of the new party is "to make Latvia a safe, independent, united and prosperous country where we as well as our children and grandchildren would be happy to live."


To make Latvia a democratic, harmonious and influential country, "a facelift will not do", the entire public sector will have to be revamped.


The goal of the party is to "restart not just trust in the state, but the state itself," added Sudraba.


According to the party's program, For Latvia from the Heart members have determined ten main problems in the country that are the main cause of society's dissatisfaction and must be promptly solved. One of such problems is that the state has no short-term and long-term goals, which makes society apathetic and distrustful of the government.


Another important problem is the feeling of insecurity, no confidence in the state and municipal institutions' ability to properly do their work in such fundamental areas as healthcare, education, safety, defense. There is a wide gap between the government and society, and the state does not understand people's needs. Also, many members of society cannot live respectable lives with honest work alone.


Members of For Latvia from the Heart have also indicated such problems as decline in moral values, the rise of consumerism in Latvia, concentration of money and power.

The party is aware that revamping the public administration is a major task, but is ready to take responsibility for it, added Sudraba.


During the party's founding meeting, For Latvia from the Heart program was approved and the party's board was elected. The party's board includes one of the founders of the party, Diana Novicka, former Constitutional Court Chairman Gunars Kutris, businessman Viesturs Tamuzs, as well as Aivars Meija, Aldis Kromans, Raimonds Nipers and Andris Priekulis.

For Latvia from the Heart currently has approximately 750 members. In a recent interview with LETA, Sudraba said that says that, on a political scale, she was not in agreement with Harmony Center, nor any other party.

According to a public opinion survey by "Latvijas fakti" carried out in April, the new political movement of Sudraba would be supported by 2.8 percent of respondents if Saeima elections were held in April.

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