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New law in Estonia will provide more protection to unmarried couples

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 29.08.2012.Print version
If people who live together in Estonia don’t want to get married but want more security they can soon legalise their cohabitation without marrying, LETA/Postimees writes.

The justice ministry has drafted a law of cohabitation, which doesn’t change the principles of marriage but offers an alternative option, just registering cohabitation. This can in the future be done by same-sex couples too, but the ministry doesn’t want to give the registered cohabitation couples the right to adopt kids.


The planned law clearly differentiates between marriage, registered and unregistered cohabitation and the rights and obligations accompanying any of the forms of couples living together.


"We will not change or worsen the position of marriage in any way," said justice minister Kristen Michal. "Marriage will remain what it is – between a man and a woman."


With registered cohabitation, the two people conclude an agreement at a notary's, which means that partners can agree that, with some restrictions, similar conditions are valid on them as for married people.


The justice ministry wants a social discussion on the topic of the cohabitation law so that the resulting law would be as sensible as possible. The ministry expects the opinions of political powers and interest groups by October 1. Michal expressed hope that by the end of the year. consensus will be achieved and then the draft law can be compiled.

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