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New Lithuanian draft law seeks to resolve seasonal work issues

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 28.08.2012.Print version
In the Autumn Session the Seimas in Lithuania considers to approve a new draft law of Agriculture and Forestry services under a service receipt and it's accompanying legislative amendments.

The proposed legal regulation provisions that a farmer can hire a person for agricultural or forestry work based on the Government approved job list while issuing the employee a special service receipt, writes LETA/ELTA.


According to the service receipt a person will be able to provide services for one recipient no more than 60 days per year, while the total number of days of service can not exceed 90 days.


Under these preferential arrangements the wage of one service provider cannot exceed LTL 6,000 (EUR 1,737) during the entire service period. The person will have to pay taxes on a regular basis for the excess amount.


In addition, a service recipient will have to transfer 9 percent to compulsory health insurance premium for each service provider.


In this way the Government is trying to resolve the current issues of labour shortage for seasonal agricultural work. The new order is expected to encourage manual labour, for instance organic farming, olericulture and fruit tree farm and other.

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