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Disagreements on changes to Lithuanian Labour Code

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 23.05.2012.Print version
On Tuesday, the Trilateral Council disagreed on proposed changes to the Labour Code which suggest introducing an opportunity for an employer to terminate a labour contract after an employee turns 65 giving a three months warning not four months, as it is right now, before dismissal.

According to leader of the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) Arturas Cerniauskas, this kind of proposals is direct discrimination against employees and it has been pursued to reduce social security guarantees for the employees as well as alleviate conditions for business sector, reports LETA/ELTA.


Deputy President of the Lithuanian Industrialists' Confederation Jonas Guzavicius said that a joint agreement was reached only on some changes to the Labour Code, many issues are planned to be moved to a collective agreement.


Danas Arlauskas, Director-General of Lithuanian Confederation of Business Employers (LVDK), called proposed changes to the Labour Code to be "cosmetic" and doubted whether all parties would manage to reach an agreement.


According to him, everyone lacks experience in this kind of situation.


He expressed such a position after a sitting of the Trilateral Council attended by representatives from trade-unions, government and some employees.


"Some kind of an agreement will definitely be reached because, as I have already estimated, there are somewhat four pluses, and we have agreed upon four points but I think that we will definitely not agree on the most important issues. (..) If we manage to submit one third of the package to the government – it will be fine," Arlauskas answered to journalists on Tuesday after being asked if the decision will be found.


He said that the discussed issues are quite complicated and some lack of confidence and experience is apparent.


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