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Estonian entrepreneurs, businessmen establish think tank for state reform

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Altogether 28 Estonian entrepreneurs and businessmen announced the establishment of a new think tank, called the Foundation for State Reform, which aims to give substance to updating the Estonian state organization, cites LETA/BNS.

The foundation has a predefined lifespan of one year and is an apolitical private initiative that will develop a concept for the state reform and designs of bills and theses of letters of explanation necessary for realizing it, representatives of the foundation told BNS on Monday.

According to one of the leaders of the initiative, Olari Taal, it is time to update Estonia's statehood. "The state of Estonia is not broken, but needs a serious makeover for the future. There are a number of circumstances that we must not overlook. The general expenses of the state of Estonia on the public sector are at a critical limit of endurance. Estonia is overregulated, with an increasing governmental apparatus and becoming ever more state centric. We are making our very concrete proposals for changing that situation," Taal said.

Member of the supervisory board of the foundation Juri Raidla said that a new party or political movement will not be established, as it is a strictly apolitical enterprise in the sense of party politics. "By today, we have for approximately nine years led a passionate open debate in the society about the state reform and updating the state. With the support of the founders of the foundation, we can finally create the necessary tools and plan for realizing this idea. Our wish is not to criticize what has already been done or compete or fight with anyone, but give with a joint gift our contribution to updating the state of Estonia," Raidla said.

As a first step, the foundation on November 26 wishes to hand over the state reform concept to the parliament speaker, government and all parties represented in the parliament.

The foundation was established by Andres Saame, Armin Koomagi, Enn Kunila, Hannes Tamjarv, Heldur Meerits, Jaak Nigul, Jaan Pillesaar, Jaan Puusaag, Jaanus Otsa, Juri Kao, Juri Mois, Koit Uus, Lembit Lump, Mark Berman, Mati Polli, Olari Taal, Olav Miil, Parvel Pruunsild, Peeter Mand, Priit Kessa, Priit Piilmann, Raivo Hein, Tiina Mois, Tiit Kuuli, Tiit Pruuli, Toomas Sildmae, Viljar Arakas and Vjatseslav Leedo.

The substantive work of the foundation will be led by former Supreme Court chief justice and member of the European Court of Human Rights, Rait Maruste, and attorney at law and one of the creators of the Constitution, Juri Raidla. They will be in charge of preparation work for drawing up the state reform concept and bill designs and letters of explanation of the theses in cooperatin with founders, the supervisory board and the management board as well as with expert kindred spirits. The members of the foundations management board include Juri Kao, Olari Taal and Rait Maruste.

The supervisory board of the foundation includes Aivo Adamson, Alar Karis, David Vseviov, Jaak Aaviksoo, Juri Raidla, Kristi Liiva, Marek Helm, Raivo Vare, Riina Varts, Ringa Raudla, Tarmo Juristo, Tiit Pruuli, Toomas Tamsar, Urmas Varblane and Viljar Arakas.

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