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Lithuania issues shorter, illustrated emergency manual

BC, Vilnius, 21.12.2015.Print version
Lithuania's Ministry of National Defense has updated its emergency manual Prepare to Survive Emergencies and War: a Cheerful Take on Serious Recommendations, which was first published last spring. The new publication was on December 18th presented at the Ministry of National Defense, reports LETA/BNS.

"This second publication came to being because we are grateful too everyone who wrote comments about the first one. Proposals and friendly suggestions were mainly related to the format of the first publication and a lack of illustrations," National Defense Minister Juozas Olekas told journalists.


The new edition is released in the pocket-size format and includes entertaining illustrations created by a famous Lithuanian cartoon director and artist Ilja Bereznickas.


30 000 copies of the 56-page manual will be issued, and the majority of them will be distributed by Military Conscription and Manning Units of the National s Volunteer Force at community events.


The booklet will also be available at all the military conscription and manning centers.


Several copies of the publication will be given to officers working with mobilization in all the city councils of Lithuania, public education and vocational training institutions, public libraries and libraries of higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences.

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