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Latvia might have to take in 737 refugees, Lithuania 710

BC, Riga, 27.05.2015.Print version
The European Commission today adopted the first set of concrete measures to implement the European Agenda on Migration, informs LETA.

The EC proposed that 710 illegal immigrants should be relocated to Lithuania.

302 refugees would be relocated to Lithuania from Italy, 201 – from Greece, while 207 would be resettled in Lithuania from other countries.

Migrants would be relocated in the next two years. European Union (EU) Member States would receive EUR 6,000 for each person relocated on their territory.

According to the EC, the provision on relocation of persons is established in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and will be activated for the first time. It has been proposed to relocate 40,000 persons, Syrian and Eritrean refugees, that arrived in either Italy or Greece after 15 April 2015.

The EC has also proposed EU Member States to accept 20,000 illegal immigrants that reached Europe from other countries and that are in need of international protection.

EU Member States will have to consider these recommendations.

Two weeks after presenting the European Agenda on Migration, the Commission has adopted the first implementation package to respond to the immediate, emergency situation, the Commission informs.


A total of 40,000 refugees will be relocated from Italy and Greece to other EU member states based on a distribution key over the next two years.


According to this plan, Latvia would have to take in 310 refugees from Italy, and 207 from Greece. At the same time, Latvia would also have to take in 220 refugees from outside the EU.


It is expected that each member state will receive EUR 6,000 for each refugee they take in.

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