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100 organizations in Latvia paid by Russia to implement Russia's policies

BC, Riga, 02.03.2015.Print version
About 100 organizations in Latvia receive money from Russia to implement Russia's compatriot policy, according to the TV3 show "Neka personiga", referring to the Security Police, informs LETA.

Security Police Chief Normunds Mezviets said that Latvia's anti-fascists are aided by Russia. Russia's funding is used on books and various campaigns.


Mezviets told "Neka personiga" that in his opinion, these organizations have little to do with anti-fascism. Their main purpose is to pursue Russia's geopolitical interests, and their activities are largely funded by Russia.


The Security Police chief said that it is plain to see how these organizations coordinate their activities with Russia's announcements about fascism being reborn in Latvia or Latvia trying to rewrite the history of World War II. Activists from these organizations often participate in various public events, which are usually covered by the Russian media. These organizations commission various "research studies" with the aim to discredit Latvia.


Mezviets believes that the law ought to be amended in order to force such hostile organizations to give fully account about the origin of their funding, as their cash flows are currently non-transparent. He agrees that too little attention is paid to these organizations.

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