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Estonia registers EU's second steepest increase in retail trade turnover in January

BC, Riga, 05.03.2014.Print version
Retail trade turnover in Latvia increased 3.2% in January 2014, compared to January 2013, the ninth steepest increase in all European Union countries for which data are available, according to the latest data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat. Increase in Estonia made 8% and in Lithuania 4.8%, informs LETA.

The steepest year-on-year increases were recorded in Luxembourg – 12.2%, Estonia – 8%, Portugal – 6.6%, and Romania – 5.9%.


Year-on-year reductions were registered only in Denmark and Malta – 0.7% each. Retail trade turnover in Finland remained unchanged.


Retail trade turnover in Lithuania grew 4.8%, the seventh steepest increase across the EU.


In comparison with January 2013, retail trade turnover in the EU increased 1.9% in January 2014, the euro area saw a 1.3% increase.


Compared to December 2013, retail trade turnover grew 0.9% in the EU and 1.6% in the euro area in January 2014.


The steepest month-on-month increases were observed in Portugal – 6.7%, Estonia – 4.6%, and Germany – 2.5%.


Month-on-month reductions were recorded in Great Britain – 1.5%, Ireland and Malta – 1% each, Denmark – 0.9%, and Latvia – 0.6%.


Compared to December 2013, retail trade turnover in Lithuania rose 0.8% in January 2014.

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