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Estonian companies plan to hire more employees in Q3

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 09.07.2012.Print version
The second-quarter overview in 2012 compiled by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research demonstrates that generally enterprises are planning to hire more employees in all sectors in the next three months, writes LETA/Postimees Online.

Restaurants were the most optimistic in June; 52% of companies estimated that they would have to hire more employees while none of the enterprises predicted a decline in the number of their staff.

 In the construction sector, 34% of respondents estimated that in the next three months the number of employees in their companies would increase. Only 1% thought the opposite would rather more be true.

 In the software sector, 31% of companies planned to increase their staff while 2% was planning to decrease their number of employees.

 In the advertising sector, 17% of companies were estimating that they would increase the number of employees in the next quarter; none were planning to reduce the number of staff.

 An increase in the number of workers was also foreseen in the manufacturing sector, in trade and in the tourism sector.

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