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Lithuania wants to create a global tourism network the Amber Road

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 27.06.2012.Print version
Lithuania is initiating the creation of the Amber Road, a global tourism network. The initiators expect to attract more tourists to the country, at the same time showing what the nation has to offer.

As head of the State Department of Tourism (VTD) Raimonda Balniene said Tuesday in a press conference, "Lithuania finds it difficult to distinguish itself on the global map, nevertheless, we have a unique thing: amber", writes LETA/ELTA, refe5rring to Kauno diena.


For the first time the idea about the Amber Road was presented in last October, soon afterwards an approval from the UN World Tourism Organization (WTO) was received. At the moment, a total of 12 European countries are taking part in the project. "We will complement each other rather than compete with other countries," the director of the VTD said.


It is expected that it would take only a couple of years to complete the project. The tourists will not be offered one specific route. The director says that the goal of the project is to allow every country in any way related to amber offering anything that has to do with this natural material. One can find 250 kinds of amber across the world. Experts from all countries are welcome to join the project. According to Balniene, every county now is working on infrastructure to open amber routes.

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