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Luhse supports construction of a terminal for low-cost airlines at Riga Airport

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 15.12.2010.Print version
Increasing passenger comfort level at Riga Airport, which can be achieved by building a terminal for low-cost airlines, and reaching an out-of-court settlement with the national airline airBaltic, will be the main priorities for Riga International Airport's new board chairman, Arnis Luhse.

Asked by if the airport would consider revising the fee it charges airBaltic for its services, which is the main reason for the conflict between the airport and the airline, Luhse said he would rather not comment for the time being, but then admitted that "it must not be that two major state-owned enterprises are in conflict, and a way must be found for them to successfully cooperate."


Commenting on construction of a new passenger terminal at the airport, Luhse makes a surprising suggestion that the airport could support construction of a terminal for low-cost airlines, and at the same time expand the existing terminal. Previously the government supported airBaltic plans to build a new passenger terminal at the airport, which was not meant to be a terminal for low-cost airlines, writes LETA.


Asked to evaluate work done by the previous Riga Airport board, Luhse says diplomatically, "I can only say the best."


Commenting on reproaches that persons closely affiliated with political parties have again been appointed to the airport's board, Luhse says, "I am the only member of the transport minister's party [Union of Greens and Farmers]" on the new airport board.


Luhse also emphasizes that the new board members are all professionals. "I have been appointed by the transport minister, and our opinions regarding the operations and development of the airport coincide," stressed Luhse.


As reported, the Transport Ministry, the majority shareholder in Riga International Airport, has approved a new board for the company, to be headed by Luhse.

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