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Number of flights in Lithuania's airspace up 1.2% to 27,400

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The total number of flights in Lithuania's airspace rose 1.2 % to 27,400 in July y-o-y, reported LETA/BNS.

The main destinations of flights from Lithuania and back were the United Kingdom and Latvia, Russia, Germany and Finland were the most popular destinations for transit flights.


The largest number of flights serviced in July where regular flights, which stood at 22,900, making 83.5 % of the total.


The number of chartered flights stood at 3,000. There were 596 general aviation flights, 776 military flights and 122 other flights, Lithuania's state-run company Oro Navigacija (Air Navigation) said.


Military flights saw the largest increase of 31% y-o-y. And only the number of general aviation flights went down by 4.7%.


The largest number of flights in Lithuania's airspace was carried out by Latvia's airBaltic (2,800) Finland's Finnair (2,700), Russia's Aeroflot (2,000), Germany's Lufthansa (1,600) and Russia's Rossiya Airlines (1,600).

"The top-five of the Lithuanian airspace's users remains unchanged for the past five years, with the Latvian, Finnish, Russian and German air companies having consolidated their positions. The airlines only slightly change places in terms of the number of flights," Mindaugas Gustys, managing director at Oro Navigacija, says.

Transit flights through Lithuania were heading to Russia (5,000, down by 0.6%), Germany (2,400, down by 5.3%), Finland (1,800, down by 1.6%), Latvia (1,600, up by 13.9%) and France (941, up by 34.4%).

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