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Estonia: Eckero Line's new cargo vessel to start operating from Muuga port after all

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Finbo Cargo, a new cargo vessel of Finnish shipper Eckero Line, is to start operating between Muuga Harbor in Estonia and Vuosaari Harbor in Finland at the end of June, even though the vessel was originally supposed to start operating from Old City Harbor in Tallinn, reported LETA/BNS.

The vessel will also take on car passengers. The ferry ride between the ports of Muuga and Vuosaari is to last two hours and 45 minutes, the shipper said.

Although only a few weeks ago, Eckero Line's CEO Taru Keronen said that the company's cargo vessel will definitely start operating from Tallinn's A terminal, then Keronen now said that port company Tallinna Sadam has accelerated several infrastructure projects at Muuga Harbor. "Thanks to this, we can choose Muuga Harbor for mooring and also shorten the journey time by a quarter of an hour," Keronen said in a press release.

Tallinna Sadam CEO Valdo Kalm said he is glad that, as a result of joint efforts, Eckero Line's new vessel will start operating from Muuga Harbor. "Passengers coming from the environs of Tallinn and elsewhere from Estonia will be able to quickly and comfortably get to Muuga Harbor by way of Tallinn's ring roads, thus reducing the traffic loan of Tallinn's city center," Kalm said.

The new route will reroute heavy trucks to outside the city centers of Tallinn and Helsinki. As a result of this, the traffic load and air pollution of the city centers should decrease.

With the addition of Finbo Cargo, Eckero Line will be offering altogether 10 departures a day on the Gulf of Finland -- four departures of Finbo Cargo on the Muuga-Vuosaari route and six departures of MS Finlandia on the Tallinn-Helsinki route.

The new vessel is named after Finbo, a small island among the Aland Islands. The name of the parent company, Eckero, has also been taken from among the same group of islands. The addition of Finbo Cargo will create approximately 80 new jobs in Estonia and Finland.

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