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Estonia's BLRT transports 1st batch of railway, foot bridge parts to Stockholm

BC, Tallinn, 21.05.2019.Print version
Marketex Offshore Constructions, a subsidiary of Estonian industrial group BLRT Grupp, on May 15 sent the first three parts of a railway and foot bridge to Stockholm, the structures transported to the assembly location weigh altogether 1,750 tons.

"The construction of the busiest railway and foot bridge in the center of Stockholm has a special meaning for us as projects like this enable to expand our product selection, find new markets to strengthen our competitiveness and mitigate risks to not be dependent on the oscillations taking place in oil, gas and offshore industry," Ruslan Diduhh, member of the management board of Marketex Offshore Constructions, said in a press release.

In 2020, the company must build and hand over to the contractor another bridge structure the length of which will be approximately 200 meters and weight 1,500 tons. In total, Marketex Offshore Constructions must supply some 3,250 tons of metal structures for the establishment of the Stockholm bridge.

The structures will be assembled in Sweden by specialists of Marketex Offshore Constructions and Implenia, the prime contractor of the project.

Most of the railways, bridges and tunnels in the central district of Stockholm were built in the 1950s, so today they need renovation. The Getingmidjan railway section is the link for all trains that arrive from the south of the country, which makes it one of the busiest railway lines in Sweden.

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