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Net Group wins Estonia's 1st data visualization hackathon

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A solution by the name of Future Teller by Estonian company Net Group, which provides leaders with a simple and clear picture of the country's future, was picked as winner in Estonia's first data visualization hackathon held on Thursday and Friday, informed LETA/BNS.

The solution created by Net Group helps save on costs and provides government with the possibility to make effective decisions in governance of the state.

"The emotions are very good. Actually we started cooperation with Statistics Estonia already last year and we came to the hackathon because this field genuinely interests us. We just did what we like doing very much," said Raigo Raid, a member of the winning team.

"The hackathon went well beyond expectations. For us as organizers, it was so motivating to see 13 teams devise a solution in 24 hours for how to visualize statistics in a clearer and innovative manner," Annika Brauer, head of the business technology department at Statistics Estonia, said.

She added that Statistics Estonia definitely wishes to publish the works also on its own channels.

In addition to Estonian teams, participating teams came from Germany, Denmark and Lithuania. Places two and three went to teams Hundred Estonians and The audience's favorite was Racing Charts.

The 26-hour event organized by Garage48 and Statistics Estonia offered participants a unique opportunity to provide the producer of national statistics with a pictorial solution of the data and thereby influence decisions of the consumers of statistics, that is all of us, in the future, the organizers said.

Statistics Estonia provided the terms of reference for the event along with data sets. It was up to each team to decide what data to use. Suitable were the so-called front-end programmed solutions, animated codes, moving pictures and videos, that is all that makes data come to life.

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