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Korea's Onyks to save charcoal plant in Lithuania

BC, Vilnius, 11.03.2019.Print version
South Korea's Onyks, whose sole shareholder is Hong Soo Kim, hopes to revive the largest producer of charcoal for gastronomic needs in the Baltic states and the Scandinavian region, accroding to the Verslo Zinos daily information writes LETA/BNS.

The company plans to build 6 boilers as early as this year and employe around 20 people.

In 2013, five charcoal producers, including Atiltas, Difera, Listas, Listeka and Regnus, started implementing the project of a charcoal production complex in Lithuania with the support of the European Union. The complex failed to start operating after the companies and the Association of Charcoal producers, which coordinated the construction, went bankrupt.

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