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Latvian fuel sales up 1.4% in 2018

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With 1,392,733 tons of fuel sold in Latvia in 2018, fuel sales grew by 19,672 tons, or 1.4 %, against 2017, according to the data on excised goods released by the Latvian State Revenue Service writes LETA.

The amount of fuel sold in retail trade rose 1.8% and the amount of fuel sold in wholesale increased 2.4%. Meanwhile, sales of market fuel decreased 9.1% y-o-y and the amount of fuel used for own consumption and other purposes dropped 14.5%.


The amount of fuel sold in 2018 included 943,910 tons of diesel fuel, 164,598 tons of biogasoline, 103,259 tons of diesel fuel for farmers, 69,415 tons of petroleum, 50,772 tons of car gas, 33,540 tons of fuel gas, and 17,844 tons of gasoline.


In terms of product categories, sales volumes increased 2.8% for diesel fuel, 22.2% for petroleum. Sales volumes dropped 0.5 for diesel fuel for farmers, 14.5% for fuel gas, 3.8% for gasoline, 5.3% for car gas and 4% for biogasoline.

Last year, 958,794 tons of fuel were sold in retail trade, up 17,022 tons or 1.8% against 2017.

The amount of diesel fuel sold in retail trade increased by 29,207 tons or 4.3%, retail sales of gasoline fell by 809 tons or 4.7 %, and retail sales of biogasoline dropped 6,784 tons or 4%.

In 2017, fuel sales in Latvia grew 6% against a year before to 1.373 mln tons. This amount included 941,772 tons sold in retail trade, up 5.3% against 2016.

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