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Avg price of Tallinn apartments up over 6% on year in January

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In 2018, deposits made by residents of Latvia and other European Union member states made up 91 % of all deposits held by Latvian banks, LETA was told at the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) whose representatives cited fourth-quarter data on the Latvian banking sector’s transformation process, informed LETA/BNS.

Compared to December 2018, the average price increased 0.08 percent, while the median price of apartments in the capital city rose 1%. Compared to January 2018, the median price moved up 9.3% to 1,878 euros, figures available from the Land Board show.

During the month, 750 apartments in Tallinn changed hands and the combined value of the transactions was 83.4 mln euros. In the same month last year, transactions numbered 809 and their total value was 84.4 mln euros. In December 2018, 753 transactions were made in Tallinn totaling 87.9 mln euros.

Across Estonia, excluding Tallinn, the average price of apartments declined 3.5% year on year to 757 euros per square meter. Compared to the month before, the average price saw a 14.3% drop.

The median price of apartments outside Tallinn rose 2% on year to 569 euros and was down 30.1% compared to December 2018.

The number of transactions outside Tallinn was 843 and the total value of the transactions was 38.3 mln euros. In January 2018, apartments outside Tallinn changed hands in 889 transactions and the total value of the transactions was 41.1 mln euros.

Figures available from the Estonian Land Board may change when data is adjusted.

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