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Latvia: Jaunpils Pienotava has sent first shipments of its products to Singapore and Hong Kong

BC, Riga, 17.12.2018.Print version
The Jaunpils Pienotava dairy company has sent the first shipments of its products to Singapore and Hong Kong, the company's board chairman Viesturs Krilovs told LETA.

''We sent our first shipments to such markets as Singapore and Hong Kong this year. We are not exporting substantial amount, but gradually and slowly increasing export volumes,'' he said, adding that the company is mainly exporting its luxury brand products.

Krilovs admitted that Russia used to be its main export market, but due to the Russian food embargo in 2014 the company is mainly concentrating on the Latvian market at the moment and exports at the moment reach 25% of revenue.

As reported, in 2017 Jaunpils Pienotava posted EUR 11.54 mln in turnover and EUR 753,660 in profit

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