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Estonian Guardtime to provide cyber security solution to Dutch government

BC, Tallinn, 12.11.2018.Print version
The government of the Netherlands and the Dutch Judicial Information Service have decided to use the blockchain cyber security solution developed by the Estonian company Guardtime to ensure transparency, auditability and security of the information processed in government systems, informs LETA/BNS.

The Dutch have studied and tested Guardtime's technology for the last six months and selected the company after a careful analysis of alternatives, president of Guardtime Martin Ruubel said. As a result, the company has entered into contract with the Dutch Judicial Information Service.

"The system of e-services the Dutch government is about to build is like a modern house, which we can supplement with a locking and security system," Ruubel said.

Pursuant to the contract, Guardtime is to ensure the security of data processing on the new Dutch public e-services platform and detect submission of false information or alteration of data.

The Netherlands' interest in the Estonians' solution was brought on by the fact that similar solutions are being used in Estonia, Ruubel said.

"Estonia, too, has been using blockchain solutions in e-services to ensure integrity and better auditability since 2012, and, according to our plans, they are to fulfill the same purpose in the Netherlands, starting from next year," he said.

Founded in Estonia, Guardtime is a company developing cyber security solutions that help to immediately identify changes made in various digital data and smart devices and as a result offer trustworthy and transparent solutions to the e-society.

The keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) technology created and developed by Guardtime is, in essence, a mathematically ensured cyber security solution for identifying the use and misuse of digital data and devices. Thanks to its structure, the solution enables to preserve the history of changes in the digital data, identify immediately who and when has changed the digital data and use these possibilities quickly and at once for a large amount of data.

Guardtime's technology has been integrated with many e-services used in Estonia, like the State Gazette, the Land Register, the Commercial Register and others. The company also cooperates with notable international institutions like the world's largest defense industry company Lockheed Martin, the US Army, technology company Ericsson and others.


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