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Latvian rural tourism services providers receive 10% more guests this year

BC, Tallinn , 08.11.2018.Print version
The Latvian rural tourism industry has seen the number of guests grow 10% this year, Asnate Ziemele, president of Lauku Celotajs (Rural Traveler) rural tourism association, said on Latvian Radio on Thursday.

“Thanks to the warm and pleasant weather we have had this past summer and practically throughout this year we have achieved 10% growth on average. The increase would be even bigger if the capacity in coastal areas was higher,” Ziemele said.

The head of the tourism association indicated that the hot weather in the summer pushed up demand for recreational tourist services not only by the sea but also on the lakes and riversides. Demand for tourist services by the sea was five times higher than the supply, Ziemele said, adding that the rural tourism season in Latgale had not been bad either.

In Ziemele’s words, the rural tourism industry caters mainly to local residents who make up around 80 percent of the industry’s clients, although the number of foreign travelers has been growing as well.

Lauku Celotajs is a professional rural tourism association established in 1993.

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