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Dobeles Dzirnavnieks remains leader in Latvia’s food and beverages industry in 2017

BC, Riga, 01.11.2018.Print version
Dobeles Dzirnavnieks grain mill has remained in the leading position of Latvia’s food and beverages industry with its turnover reaching 113.722 mln euros in 2017, growing 26.7% year-on-year, according to the Latvian Business Annual Report collated by Firmas.v and information agency LETA.

Rigas Piena Kombinats dairy company took the second position with 81.12 mln euros in turnover, down, 0.8%, followed by Latvijas Balzams distillery with 78.263 mln euros in turnover, up 3.4%. Among the Top-10 companies, Latvijas Balzams is the industry's most profitable company, with a profit margin of 11.02%.

Further down Cido Grupa with 62.69 mln euros in turnover, up 7.5%, Preilu Siers cheese maker with 59.912 mln euros, up 3.7%, Cesu Alus brewery with 54.267 mln euros, up 14.7%, Tukuma Piens dairy company with 53.186 mln euros, up 15.3%, Karavela fish cannery with 38.725 mln euros, up 36.8%, Kurzemes Galsaimnieks meatpacker with 37.081 mln euros, up 17.3%, and Forevers meatpacker closing the Top-10 with 34.953 mln euros in last year’s turnover, up 10.3% year-on-year.

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