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Latvijas Valsts Mezi remains forestry industry leader in 2017

BC, Riga, 01.11.2018.Print version
Latvijas Valsts Mezi (LVM), the company responsible for management of state-owned forests in Latvia, remains the leader of the forestry industry with 275.83 mln euros in 2017 turnover, according to the Latvian Business Annual Report 2018 compiled by and LETA.

The company’s turnover increased by 7.4% last year, and profit rose 28.8% to 65.209 mln euros.

The forest industry's TOP 10 by turnover in 2017 also lists Latvijas Finieris with 224.49 mln euros in turnover, up 2.59%, Kronospan Riga with 186.823 mln euros, up 5.7%, Pata with 163.63 mln euros in turnover, growing 18.61%, United Panel Group Europe with  69.914 mln euros in turnover, up 22.8%, Byko-lat with 68.706 mln euros, up 12.4%, AKZ with 65.325 mln euros in turnover, up 3.7%, Gaujas Koks with 60.838 mln euros, up 7.5%.

Further down the list is Vika Wood with 58.657 mln euros in last year’s turnover, down 1.7%, and Rettenmeier Baltic Timber with 57.723 mln euros in turnover, growing 19.7% from the previous year.

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