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Elko Grupa – the largest company in IT and computer technology industry in 2017

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Elko Group, a distributor of IT products and solutions, was the largest IT and computer technology company in Latvia last year when the company turned over 436.48 mln euros, informs LETA referring to the Latvian Business Annual Report.

Elko Grupa’s turnover rose by 14.3% year-on-year.

Mikrotikls, which posted 251.623 mln euros in turnover last year, was the second largest company in Latvian IT and computer technology industry in 2017. Mikrotikls was also the industry's most profitable company, with a profit margin of 17.2%.

Evolution Latvia ranked third last year with a turnover of 73.518 mln euros (26.1% increase on 2016). Company Also Latvia is in the fourth place in the ranking as the company's turnover increased 7.1% to 60.204 mln euros in 2017.

MoonCom went from the sixth to the fifth place last year, as the company's turnover rose 4.7% to 39.564 mln euros in 2017. Tieto Latvia, which posted 37.161 mln euros in turnover last year, was ranked sixth.

C.T.CO was the seventh largest company last year with a turnover of 24.992 mln euros, growing 5.5%, followed by newcomer Asbis LV in the eighth place that turned over 24.418 mln euros in 2017, company DPA in the ninth place that posted 23.394 mln euros in turnover, and Tele2 Shared Service Center in the tenth place with 22.004 mln euros in turnover.

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