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Cargo turnover at Latvia's Skulte port grows 9.1% in eight months

BC, Riga, 12.09.2018.Print version
The port of Skulte reloaded 657,200 tons of cargo in the first eight months of this year, raising cargo turnover by 9.1% against the same period a year ago, LETA was told at the port.

The cargos reloaded in Skulte in the first eight months of 2018 included 416,800 tons of general cargo, 228,700 tons of bulk cargo and 11,700 tons of liquid cargo.

Timber dominated at the port in the first eight months of 2018 as timber cargos accounted for 413,200 tons of all cargos handled in Skulte during that period. The timber cargos grew 22.6% y-o-y and accounted for 62.9% of all cargos reloaded at the port in the eight-month period.

Handling of peat increased 13.4% y-o-y to 102,600 tons in the eight months of 2018, while woodchip cargos fell 22.3% to 113,200 tons.

In the eight months of 2018, the port of Skulte also handled 11,700 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), down 4.1%, 5,600 tons of grain, down 50%, 5,200 tons of rocks, which were not reloaded last year, 3,600 tons of fish, up 28.6%, and 2,100 tons of lime, up 27.6%.

The port of Skulte reported 819,800 tons in 2017 cargo turnover, up 9.1% against 2016. Of that amount, 440,600 tons were reloaded in the first half of 2017.

There are three large and seven small ports in Latvia. In 2017, Skulte was the largest of Latvia's small ports by cargo turnover.

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