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Eesti Gaas has bunkered Tallink's Megastar with 18,500 tons of LNG

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Since 2017, AS Eesti Gaas has bunkered the ship Megastar of the listed Estonian shipper Tallink with 18,500 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG), informs LETA/BNS.

The Megastar, which plies the Tallinn-Helsinki route, is serviced by eight articulated tanker trucks of Eesti Gaas acquired specially for this purpose, Eesti Gaas said in a press release published on the occasion of the 1,000th bunkering of the Megastar with LNG which took place at the Old City Harbor of Tallinn on Monday night.

"The supply of LNG has been secure, and all the one thousand bunkerings have proceeded without problems. The Megastar's lower-than-planned fuel consumption and higher evironment-friendliness have affirmed our conviction that LNG is a very good alternative to diesel of the ship fuels available at the moment," Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, manager of the Tallink Grupp ship operating arm HT Laevateenindus, said.

Margus Kaasik, board member of Eesti Gaas, said that Eesti Gaas is the only company in the Baltic countries and Poland that has developed the capability to provide its clients with regular supply and bunkering of LNG. The company has significantly diversified its sources of supply and is importing LNG also from Finland, Poland and Lithuania.

In 2017, LNG was brought mostly from Pskov, a city in Russia situated 350 kilometers from Tallinn.

The bunkering of the Megastar takes place in the Old City Harbor four times a week. The work normally starts at midnight and takes up to three hours to complete.

Since its introduction on the Tallinn-Helsinki line as a brand new vessel at the beginning of 2017, the Megastar has made over 2,700 trips across the Gulf of Finland covering approximately 126,000 nautical miles.

Tuulik observed that executives and specialists from different ship operators often come here to get familiar with the next-generation technology introduced in the Megastar.

Eesti Gaas and Tallink Grupp signed a framework agreement in March this year based on which Eesti Gaas will supply the Megastar with LNG during a period of five years.

Eesti Gaas belongs to the investment company AS Infortar, core owner of Tallink Grupp.

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