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EUR 2.9 mln invested in Maxima XXX store in Riga Plaza

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Maxima Latvija today opened the most modern Maxima XXX store in Latvia at the fashion and entertainment center Riga Plaza, investing EUR 2.9 million in it, the company reported.

The new store of 5,000 square meters in area will offer new shopping experience and a broad range of quality goods.

Almost EUR 1.3 million has been invested in setting up modern shopping solutions in the retail area and an upgraded customer service system, creating up-to-date shopping environment for residents and convenient jobs for almost 100 employees of the store.

The new store has the largest number of checkout counters to date – 26, including 14 standard checkouts and 12 self-service checkouts featuring the latest solutions, which ensure speedy, quality service.

The new Maxima XXX store has a well-thought-out design combined with the latest technology. The entire store has energy-efficient LED lighting that can be regulated in many ways, and a number of other modern solutions.

Customers will be offered almost 33,000 product units to choose from, including a broad range of local products and freshly-prepared meals. There is also a playground for children at the new store.

“With the new Maxima XXX store, the company continues to make large strides in development, opening already a second store in the city supermarket segment. We have been observing customers and their shopping habits and took into account the latest lifestyle trends and developments to offer a new shopping experience, which keeps us up with the latest shopping habits with a view to the future,” said Viktors Troicins, Board Member of Maxima Latvija.

As reported, this year, Maxima Latvija is planning to invest EUR 23 million in retail chain expansion, reconstruction of stores and customer service upgrades.

In total, Maxima Latvija is planning to reconstruct 15 stores in Riga and the regions this year, as well as open at least seven new different stores across Latvia.

Maxima Latvija turnover amounted to EUR 723.054 million last year, or 4.2 percent more than in 2016, while the company's profit rose 1.9 times to EUR 23.224 million.

Maxima Latvija was registered in November 2000, the company's share capital is EUR 4.91 million.

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