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Enefit Solutions supplies 200 tons of metal structures to UK

BC, Tallinn, 23.04.2018.Print version
Enefit Solutions, a subsidiary of the state-owned energy group Eesti Energia, in mid-April sent off 200 tons of metal structures by boat to the United Kingdom, which will be used to build the biofuel fired power station Tees Renewable Energy Plant, this was the third and final product batch sent off in the framework of this project, informs LETA/BNS.

"Enefit Solutions along with works within the Eesti Energia group also has considerable experience in participating in foreign projects. Thanks to that we can realize the existing production capacity optimally. The Tees power plant project confirmed that we are capable of offering a full service solution, that is design, manufacture and transport the goods to a place necessary for the customer. This was a successful project that enriched the competence of the employees and contributed to the development of the company," Ott Licht, chairman of the management board at Enefit Solutions, said in a press release.

Enefit Solutions has been involved in the project through the international technology consortium Sumimoto Foster Wheeler, which is participating in the construction of the Tees Renewable Energy Plant, one of the largest biomass fueled power stations in the UK. Representatives of Sumimoto Foster Wheeler at the end of March visited the factory of Enefit Solutions to be certain of the quality of the batch before it is sent out. The representatives were satisfied with what they saw.

"The biggest challenge was the fairly wide scope of the project. The organization of production, design and logistics happened in parallel during all stages of the project and required thorough planning," Mihkel Susi, project manager at Enefit Solutions who was involved with works for the Tees plant from the beginning, said.

Susi added that as a whole, the success of the project has been ensure by a high engineer technical capability and previous experience in producing similar structures. He also said that all works carried out in the framework of the Tees project were conducted according to the schedule provided by the customer.

Enefit Solutions started with the Tees power plant project in the first half of last year and single-handedly carried out all stages from 3D modelling to organizing logistics. The first batch of metal structures was sent to the UK in May 2017, the second in January 2018. All batches have been sent by boat from the port of Sillamae. Enefit Solutions produced altogether over 900 tons of air and gas channels as well as other accessories for the power plant, thus contributing to the development of the UK's energy field.

The planned capacity of the biomass fueled Tees power plant is 299 megawatts, which is comparable to the capacity of Eesti Energia's Auvere power plant and the cost of the Tees power plant is approximately 650 million pounds or about 770 million euros. The construction of the power plant started at the beginning of 2017 and the plant is planned to start work at the beginning of 2020. The power plant will be operated by the Finnish state-owned energy group Fortum.

Enefit Solutions is the main developer, producer and maintainer of technological solutions for power stations and oil plants. The optimal realization of Enefit Solutions' production capacity also involves participating in foreign projects. Enefit Solutions last year manufactured more than 2,000 tons of metal structures, which found use in Estonia as well as in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, Iceland and Australia.

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