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Digital nomad visa could bring over 1,400 workers to Estonia per year

BC, Tallinn, 13.03.2018.Print version
The introduction of a so-called digital nomad visa for e-residents in Estonia could bring at least 1,400 remote workers to this country per year, Eesti Paevaleht said citing an adviser at the Interior Ministry, cites LETA.

The target group of the new kind of visa would be e-residents, of whom 10 percent or 1,400 people a year could visit Estonia with a nomad visa. "But this is reading the tea leaves. In real life this number could be bigger," said Killu Vantsi, adviser at the ministry's department for citizenship and migration policy.

While the absence of a specal visa at this point does not mean that here are no digital nomads in Estonia, many of them are staying here on a tourist visa, which means that they should not be working while in Estonia. For a longer stay such people need to find an employer.

"There are no other good options at present," Vantsi said.

Since skilled people traveling on a nomad visa would not take up employment at Estonian companies or establish a business here, the question arises what good would a visa like this be for Estonia, Eesti Paevaleht said.

Accoridng to Vantsi, digital nomads make an indirect contribution to the economy through consuming local products and services.

"Of course, ideally, we would like entrepreneurial and talented people to find an employer here or set up a business and stay here," she said.

The adviser added that just like with all other visas, the background of the applicant has to be checked. "Just like with a startup visa, we must check that there was no danger of illegal migration or threat to security and public order. Such people will not be permitted into Estonia.

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