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Almost 22,000 new businesses established in Estonia in 2017

BC, Tallinn, 03.01.2018.Print version
Altogether 21,947 new businesses and self-employed persons were established in Estonia in 2017, 7.2% more than during 2016, it appears from data available from the Center of Registers and Information Systems, cites LETA/BNS.

The number of such entities established during 2016 was 20,472.

In a breakdown by month, the number of new incorporated entities established was the biggest in October -- 2,034.

67% of all incorporated entities established in 2016 were established in Harju County.

The number of incorporated entities that went bankrupt during the year increased by 7% -- from 143 in 2016 to 153 last year.

Incorporated entities are public limited companies, private limited companies, commercial associations, general partnerships, limited partnerships and self-employed persons.

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