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Estonia ranks higher on Global Innovations Index than Latvia and Lithuania

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Latvia ranks 33rd in the latest Global Innovations Index, which is a better performance than for Lithuania than ranks 40th, and lower performance than for Estonia than ranks 25th among countries of the world.

The Global Innovations Index covers 127 countries of the worlds, assessing 81 indicators that affect innovations, including political environment, education, infrastructure and business development.

Among seven categories of indicators, Latvia showed the best performance in creative outputs category, where Latvia ranked 14th. In the institutions category Latvia ranked 28th, in market development category Latvia ranked 42nd, in knowledge and technology outputs Latvia ranked 48th, in human capital and research category Latvia ranked 52nd.

The most innovative countries in the world are Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Germany and Ireland.

Meanwhile, the countries showing the weakest innovations are Togo, Guinea, and Yemen.

Last year Latvia ranked 34th on the Global Innovations Index, Estonia ranked 24th, Lithuania ranked 36th.

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