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airBaltic flight makes emergency landing at Riga airport

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Latvia’s airBaltic plane Bombardier Q400 NextGen flying from Riga to Zurich on Saturday was forced to return to the Riga airport and make an emergency landing, said airBaltic spokesman Janis Vanags.

"According to initial information, a problem with the front chassis was discovered soon after the plane took off, and airBaltic crew made a decision to return to the Riga airport, following the standard procedures and instructions, performing landing in advanced safety regime," said Vanags.

There were 63 passengers on board, including two children and one infant, and four crew members. All passengers have already left the plane.

Due to safety reasons, the last plane took off at 8:27 this morning and the airport’s runway will be closed until about 3:30 p.m. Earlier it was planned that the runway will be closed by 2 p.m. Several flights have been diverted, cancelled or delayed. Passengers are advised to follow the flight schedule information on the Internet website of the airport or contact their airline.

International Airport Riga restored its operations since 3:55 p.m. on Saturday, the airport’s spokeswoman Elina Prikule reported.

The airport’s runway has been freed from airBaltic’s Bombardier Q400 NextGen plane.


According to the airport’s Internet website, the first airplane landed in Riga at 4:38 p.m. It was a flight from Kiev. Also, flights from London. Rodos, Oslo and Amsterdam have arrived. No planes have taken off so far.


Several flights have been cancelled, diverted and delayed.

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