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EAS fields biggest ever joint stand of Estonian companies at German boat show

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The area of the joint stand of Estonian companies at the boot Duesseldorf boat and watersports show in Germany is bigger than ever in 2018, the fourth time that Enterprise Estonia (EAS) organizes the joint exhibit of Estonian businesses there, reports LETA/BNS.

The fair that is the biggest event of the boatbuilding industry in Europe is taking place in Duesseldorf from Jan. 20 to 28. Ten companies are displayed as part of the Estonian exhibit, which with 900 square meters is the biggest joint stand that Enterprise Estonia has fielded to date, Eero Raun, project manager for joint stands at EAS, said in a press release.

"In the intense competition of Europe our builders of small craft are valued ever more highly, which helps us to showcase Estonia. In Duesseldorf buyers and builders of boats alike, as well as engineers and designers from all over the world are coming together -- from China to America. Key persons and trendsetters of the industry can be seen here. The Estonian state and our maritime industry have already earned respect, we no longer have the status of apprentice," Raun said.

The biggest marine industry event in Europe by size and visitor numbers, boot Duesseldorf in its 2018 edition features some 1,900 businesses from 65 countries. Visitors to the fair in 2017 numbered 241,000, coming from 90 nations.

The Estonian companies taking part in the fair are ALFA Yacht Production OU, Alunaut OU, Baltic Industrial OU, Barca OU, Eysysla Yard OU, Lingalaid OU, Paadisildade OU, Saare Yachts OU, Snow & Wakeboard Solutions OU and Spinnaker OU.

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