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SEB banka refuses to allow For Native Language to open account

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 25.07.2012.Print version
SEB banka has refused to open an account for the newly-registered political party For Native Language, pointing out that the bank is a private company with the right to turn down those whom it does not want to see as its clients, LETA was informed by For Native Language leader Vladimirs Lindermans.

Lindermans received the bank's refusal in written form, and in reaction is urging For Native Language supporters to boycott the bank.


He emphasizes that SEB banka does not interfere and serves All for Latvia!-For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK accounts, which indicates that the bank has political sympathies.


The pro-Russian activist believes that the bank's "arrogance must not go unpunished", since it has refused to open an account for a registered political party, which represents the interests of a large share of Latvian residents.


As reported, the Register of Enterprises earlier this month officially registered For Native Language, established by Lindermans, one of the initiators of the language referendum.

Before July 16, the party's name was January 13th Movement.


For Native Language's objective is to achieve Latvian citizenship for all non-citizens and an official language status for Russian, Lindermans said previously.

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