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Estonians rarely withdraw small banknotes from ATMs

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 27.12.2011.Print version
When Estonia adopted the euro, people were worried because they could not withdraw smaller banknotes from ATMs than 10 EUR at first but the past year has shown that actually there is no major demand for 5 EUR notes, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

SEB communications manager Silver Vohu said that the most popular sums of money that clients withdraw from ATMs of SEB are 20, 10 and 30 EUR. "40% of transactions are conducted to get these there sums. Withdrawing 5 EUR is on the fourth place only, which forms 8% of the total number of transactions," said Vohu.

"Bigger sums of money are relatively rarely withdrawn in small denominations, since for example when a client withdraws 65 EUR, he gets a 50 EUR and three 5 EUR banknotes – thus the client gets one banknote with big and several with small denominations at once," said Vohu.


Swedbank's spokesman Mart Siilivask said that people prefer to use less cash and pay by cards more. "The number of cash withdrawals from ATMs has fallen by 6% as compared to the same time in 2010. The sum has fallen by nearly 2%," he said.


In Swedbank, 5 EUR banknotes are withdrawn from ATMs in 12% of all transactions. 10 EUR transactions form 20% and 20 EUR transactions 16%. The most usual sum to be withdrawn is between 25 and 80 EUR – those transactions forms 29%. 80-750 EUR is withdrawn in 18% of transactions.

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