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Number of participants in lottery of receipts in Latvia has dropped by 54.3% since July 2019

BC, Riga , 12.10.2020.Print version
The number of participants in the lottery of receipts organized by the State Revenue Service (VID) has dropped by 54.3% since its start in July 2019, according to VID writes LETA.

In July 2019, 100,206 participants participated in the lottery, while in September this year the number of participants has dropped by 45,828.

The largest number of receipts or 1,731,070 were submitted for the lottery in July 2019. Further, the number of receipts was declining, but always exceeded one million, except for September this year, when the number of submitted receipts were 944,788.

VID said that more than one million receipts are filed for the lottery monthly, which is a sufficient number of VID to analyze data and if necessary, carry out control measures.

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