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Lithuanian insurers demonstrate highest customer service quality in Baltics – study

BC, Vilnius, 11.02.2019.Print version
Lithuanian insurance companies have demonstrated the highest customer service quality in the Baltic states, said Ilze Paozole, a representative of Dive Latvija customer service improvement company

Dive study shows that among the three Baltic states Lithuanian insurance companies demonstrated the best customer service quality, earning 90% of the maximum of 100% score. Latvian insurers ranked second with 86% and Estonian insurers followed with 83%.

At the end of last year Dive Group studied customer service quality among insurers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by making 170 “secret customer” visits to insurance companies.

Among Latvian insurers, the best results were demonstrated by Gjensidige (92%), followed by Balta (91%), BTA (85%), Ergo (84%) and Compensa (79%).

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